Leave them alone | The Sentinelese Tribe

Leave them alone, for we have become disaster for them.

They thrived since centuries, for we have come just a day before.

Their numbers are dwindling, for us it exploded like never before.

Let them preserve their heritage, for we have failed to do so.

They are not immune to viruses, for us virus became resistant.

Let them encounter with bows and arrows, and let our nukes rest in peace.

Let us not develop them, for 2004 eyewashed our definition of being developed.

Leave them alone, else they have to follow the trails BO had gone.



Why my breath gasped
Why my brain freezed
Why my nerve choked
Why I am panicked
Why I do what I shouldn’t
Why you do what you shouldn’t

Why my sleep prolongs
Why I dream so long
Why hazy are my gaze
Why I stuck in a maze
Why I am not I
Why you are not you

Why I forget to think
Why I forget to smile
Why I forget to love
Why I forget to live
Why I forget I
Why you forget you

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Insecurity is waning the moral fabric of humanity.
It comes to us in all our possessions and even to our future prospects.
It is reinforced by the past experiences and is hard to get rid of it.
It runs across the multitude of domains, be it love, work, relations or life.
It is snatching away our passion and taking away our freedom.
It’s choking our curiosity and shadowing our inner true being.
But being secure is no alternative either.
We all should embrace insecurity and learn to live with it.
Because being secure is dull, monotonous and boring.
It seizes the liveliness and the playfulness out of our lives.
We must only be secure about being insecure.
For what we live is to discover that is not yet discovered.
For what we live is to secure that is yet insecure.

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The war we all fight under the name of we.
The power we all want in the name of service.
The crime we commit under the shield of law.
The corrupt we all are to give the bribe.
The money we all accumulate to own a charity.
The divided we all are in the pursuit of divine.
The sad we all are behind the curtains of smile.
The poor we all are to talk about poverty.
The selfish we all are to only speak for others.
The beautiful we all are hiding the inner beast.
The inhuman we all are to shed our humanity.
The virtual we all are in the reality of life.

A girl in her teen

A girl in her teen was so curious and so keen.
To go to the places of her dream, where she had never been.

A girl in her teen wanted to read books.
But she was always trained to become a better cook.

A girl in her teen longed to sing and dance.
But she was afraid, if someone had a glance.

A girl in her teen wished to meet the prince of her love.
But in her childhood, she secretly heard her father’s vow.

A girl in her teen wanted to break all the shackles of her life.
The shackles remained, what broke was life.


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All the life I was a fool

All the life I was a fool,

That a fairy will walk down from the heavenly stairs with a magic wand in her beautiful hand and she will change everything serendipitously.

That she will whisper a mystical song into my ears in her soothing voice and I will sleep eternally in the unending musical night.

All the life I was a fool that,

She will paint a charismatic picture on the canvas of my life and I will immersed in the rainbowic colors of blue and bright.

All the life I was a fool that,

She will walk along on wintry night and will make me drink the solemn wine and I will forget all the fear and fright.

All the life I was a fool that,

She will dance with me with passion and pride under the shining moonlight and will make me forget all the fury and fight.

Alas, she didn’t come and probably will not. But she certainty has taught me that, All the life I was a fool.

Now for the remaining life, I will not be one.

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